Survey on Smartphones in Healthcare: Results from HIMSS 2017

At the 2017 Conference, using the on-screen survey feature of our secure charging kiosk, we asked 3 simple questions, about smartphone security and app use in healthcare:

The results were interesting:
– 81% said yes patient smartphone security was important
– 60% said they did not have a EHR (Electronic Health Record) on their phone
– 55% said they did not have a Healthcare App on their phone

The voluntary survey response rate (from 478 users) was unusually high at 58%, but this made sense because of the focused, captive healthcare IT professional audience.

At a similar survey, at one of our NYC hospitals, the patient voluntary response rate was 21%, in line with our general experience.

By the way, in their big 2015 smartphone study, Pew Research found via survey that 62% used their smartphone to “get info about a health condition”. We know that smartphones are becoming ever more important in healthcare. We are delving into how, what, when, why and where.


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