Smartphone Charging Stations in Waiting Rooms: Enabling Prepared, Confident Patients

Powered by a safe and strong technology platform, a secure smartphone recharging station is an important means to improve patient experience: it helps patients to continue to access healthcare information while in the waiting room.

Brightbox, Inc. provides hospitals and clinics with charging stations (with 6 secure chambers and a digital screen) that can be deployed in a various form factors – wall-mounted, table top or on a stand. Healthcare organizations often choose to deploy wall-mounted stations because space is at such a premium in their facilities.

In the accelerating mHealth revolution, charging stations, and of course internet or wireless connectivity, are now critical healthcare infrastructure.

Why is it especially important to facilitate powered-up smartphones in waiting rooms?

CDMiConnect wrote a super report entitled “In-Office Mobile Device Use” ( and concluded:

“The waiting room isn’t just for waiting anymore… Today, you walk into any doctor’s waiting room and the majority of patients are hyper-focused on the screen in front of them. The screen of choice? Their mobile device.”

The report noted:

· 58% of Americans have a smartphone

· 1 in 5 Americans use a mobile device to search for health information in a waiting room

· Benefits include:

82% felt better prepared for their doctor conversation

78% found information that made them more confident

80% had a better understanding of their condition

· 1 in 5 smartphone users has actually used a mobile device in the exam room with the doctor

· The average American spends only 6 minutes in a doctor’s visit

Clearly, smartphones, and other means of digital access to health information, are creating more empowered and knowledgeable patients. Mobile device use for health-related purposes can occur before, during and after the visit. This can help lead to better healthcare outcomes.

Technology-forward healthcare organizations recognize this need for mobile power in their facilities. Also they appreciate that a smart charging station can be leveraged “beyond charging”.

One of Brightbox’s large healthcare customers is driving increased downloads of their organization’s new healthcare apps via our platform: patients and caregivers can opt in on-screen to receive app links via SMS. Another healthcare organization is running a rotating campaign of 3-question surveys on station screens to better understand aspects of the patient experience. In short, patients are being engaged by opportunities to get information and offer feedback.

The physical and data security regime of our platform is unparalleled. Brightbox charging stations only make power connections to mobile devices, charging devices at up to 2.7 amps, at optimized, safe charging rates.

Brightbox does not access the data on mobile devices, nor do we collect “Protected Health Information” (PHI). We are laser-focused on compliance with HIPAA rules. We do not make or store images of patients, nor do we do use a camera for remote support. Finally, our stations and our support and software platform is penetration-test proven, as well as UL listed, and agency certified and compliant.

CDMiConnect also says, “Today’s unlimited access to health information has created an even more health-fluent and dialogue-driven subset of patients— the power patient.”

This “power patient” may have up to 7 different types of healthcare-related applications and technologies on a smartphone: from remote patient monitoring, to EHR apps, to secure physician messaging portals, and more. See tweet ( and attached infographic from health-care guru David Chou. Maintaining access to all of these capabilities is increasingly important.

The Brightbox secure charging station platform provides a trusted shared-economy solution to the “Mobile Power Gap”, namely the growing divide between user dependency on smartphones, and the limitations of device battery life. Mobile users today, in healthcare and across all sectors of the economy need, want and deserve to “live charged and connected!”

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