Since Late 2015 Brightbox Has Served Its Users with 4 Charging Cables (Including USB-C)

As a leading kiosk technology company, we aim to serve all users, and to constantly refine our future-ready smartphone charging platform. This means striving, with forethought and action, to achieve a goal of offering the charging cables necessary to support 99% of smartphone users.

Since the new USB-C cable started to appear in the marketplace in late 2015, in order to serve all users, we have shipped all of our new smartphone recharging stations with all 4 industry-standard charging cables: Apple Lightning, Apple 30-Pin, mUSB, and of course, the new USB-C.

In late 2012, when the Apple Lightning debuted, within 2 months, we added that new charging cord to all of our charging stations in the field.

See attached graphic of use of the 4 industry standard cables over the last 2 years across our global fleet:

USB-C Cable Use:  as a % of uses, it crossed 1% in January 2016, 2% in October 2016 and 3% in January 2017. As of last week, it was being used 3.2% of the time.

Apple 30-pin Use:  it was 37% in March 2015, and fell to 27% by June 2015, 13% by September 2015 and 11% by December 2015.  For 2016 it averaged 6.5% of total uses. As of last week, it was being used 5.2% of the time.

We are not abandoning our loyal 30-Pin users. We welcome new cable users and pledge to support old cable users. We have 4 ports available for charging cables in our Mark3 stations. Already, and over the last 15 months, we have offered the USB-C cable with all new Mark3 shipments, and have worked steadily to upgrade all Mark 3 stations in the field.

Brightbox is devoted to enabling all of its users to Live Life Charged & Connected!

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