Samsung Care Delights CES 2018 Attendees with Brightbox Digital Billboard Charging Station

Samsung Care delighted CES 2018 event attendees with the Brightbox Digital Billboard, which is a digital sign and interactive kiosk with critical utility for consumers. The new product features two video screens: a large “32 Full HD LED Advertising Display which delivers digital content (video and static); and a smaller TFT Touchscreen Interactivity Monitor. This effective OOH digital content vehicle generates deep media impressions from users who charge their smartphones.

Brands like Samsung Care who advertise on Brightbox Digital Billboards forge immediate and intimate connections with grateful consumers, made less anxious and more loyal, by the opportunity to safely power up.

A Brightbox is an effective vehicle for brand messaging because it is a critical real-world utility. We solve an immediate problem and satisfy a true need. The same cannot be said for most stand-alone digital signs which lack any connection to a useful amenity, like cell phone recharging.

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