Our 10 Favorite Consumer Healthcare Smartphone Apps

Sometimes we just geek out. Brightbox, Inc. is a NYC B2B kiosk technology company that provides smartphone recharging hardware, supported by a robust and open software platform. We are technology leaders.

We get really excited by subjects like “optimized charging rates”. And we love apps. For HIMSS17, we decided to share our views about the “best” (meaning most commonly useful) consumer healthcare apps, because mHealth is exploding. All apps listed are free and available in Android or iOS: 

  1. Red Cross First Aid:  Ground zero. Stuff happens. When we hear “ouch” from the back of the office, we fire up this app. You can get to the Heimlich maneuver in 3 keystrokes. This official app provides simple step-by-step instructions for every day first aid scenarios. Content is pre-loaded so you don’t need connectivity to use the app. Don’t be dumb: get this app. English or Spanish available.
  1. WebMD:  General app promoting healthy living and providing access to health info and decision-support. There are interactive tools like symptom checker and conditions, there are directories of healthcare providers, sections for first aid and medical terms, medication reminders, and even is a link to prescription refill at Walgreens. Good general app.
  1. OneRX or Express Scripts or GoodRX:  Apps to help you shop for cheap drugs! i.e. compare prescription drug prices. We are just so tired of getting ripped off big-time. You do need to register (give up email and healthcare plan info) but that’s fine. The exact right app probably maps to your healthcare plan. It is worth spending the time to sign up! Our CEO gets super-hot under the collar about this subject. Last year when he got Lyme’s Disease for the 3rd time, he simply went to his local horse stable, got 3 enormous doxycycline horse pills, and cut them up with a switchblade. 10 days later he was healed. Save money, and shop and dose carefully.
  1. Doctors On Demand:  Convenient “doctor in your pocket”. Super useful if you are stuck at home or while traveling, and you get sick. This is not for choosing your own local doctor, it is for quick connection with licensed medical pros, via video chats and audio calls, to get immediate access to advice and prescriptions. Standard 15-minute call starts at $40. You want to have already set this up for when suddenly you need it.
  1. MyChart:  Great app for storing your medical records. What You Record, Is What You Get. WYRISWYG. Your destiny is in your hand-held? The more info you put in, the more healthcare providers will have at their disposal when they find you face down in the mud. Vaccinations, pre-existing conditions, doctors, visits, prescriptions. You can send messages to a clinic, refill prescriptions and more. Again, information is accessible without immediate cellular connectivity.
  1. HealthMate (Withings):  Our CEO uses this to monitor his blood pressure via iPhone sensor, and share data with his GP. Why high?  He is older, family blood pressure has always run high, and he heads a young technology company. As noted above, he can sometimes get quite hot under the collar. The explosion is mHealth devices is extraordinary, and there are literally dozens of great apps for monitoring your health. Wearables… this world of healthcare sensors is so darn exciting that we are out of breath. We will need mobile power to keep this all going.
  1. Baby Bump:  This app is very useful but strictly speaking it is not for everyone. You are expecting a baby? Perfect. Keep track of the various stages of pregnancy and development of your baby. Also you can ask questions, get health info, keep track of appointments, create a registry for baby gifts and even connect to social. English or Spanish available.
  1. Epocrates:  HIMSS participants: get down! This app is for healthcare ninjas, pros or consumers who are really getting into continually updated clinical data and drug monographs.  Brought to you by athenahealth, it is the #1 medical reference app. You can check for drug-drug interaction, identify pills by physical characteristics, and customize the app to your specialty interest. Super serious app.
  1. Flashlight:  Strictly speaking this is not a healthcare app. But hey, it is so darn useful! When the hot water is off, and you can’t find the light switch on the staircase to the basement, don’t risk cracking your head open! Use the app knucklehead. This is a preventive healthcare app. An ounce of prevention is…
  1. To Be Decided:  We left a place for a great app to be suggested to us by you readers. There is so much going on in this mHealth space, we want to hear from you about new cool healthcare apps for consumers.

We value your feedback about great consumer healthcare apps. 

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