Keeping Casino-Goers Happy and Playing, with Powered Up Smartphones

The value of keeping casino-goers at the table is obvious.  Offering a complimentary, secure smartphone recharging amenity prolongs their dwell time and elevates their satisfaction

In a recent one-month survey of 3 casino properties, conducted on the interactive screens of Brightbox secure recharging kiosks, we learned:

·     76% would leave a casino sooner than planned if their phone battery was dead

·     73% would be willing to watch a short video to get a free phone charge

·     65% do not trust unsecure charging stations

We were not surprised.  An easy way to keep players happy and playing is to make available convenient, secure and trusted smartphone recharging.  When you consider how much gaming companies invest in rooms, meals and deals, just to get players in the door in the first place, you can appreciate why Brightbox now has 50 secure recharging kiosks in casinos across America.

Why offer a recharging amenity?

·     Because so many modern consumers always carry smartphones, for talk, text, search, navigation, calculation (not permitted at a casino table), photo and more

·     Because the casinos want to “hold” onto and please these consumers

Why offer a secure recharging amenity?

·     Because smartphones, charging at unsecure charging tables, often disappear so fast that it will make your head spin like a roulette wheel!  One of our Florida casinos explicitly adopted our solution to counter theft, and immediately experienced a reduction in smartphone thefts from a rate of six per week to zero

·     As smartphones are not allowed at gaming tables, users might as well use the opportunity to recharge, while not using their devices.  Specific table-side dwell time is enhanced

Our secure stations have 6 secure chambers, serve 99% of all smartphones, come in a variety of “form factors” (small and large), and have an interactive digital screen.  Our back-end operating platform is “open” to partners for content management, data reporting and marketing campaigns.  We supply a turnkey solution, which doubles as a powerful marketing platform, with email and SMS acquisition and messaging.  Because of the versatility of our technology, we can accept Players & Loyalty cards as the mag-stripe “keys” to open our secure lockers.

To leverage our marketing platform, venues can partner up with advertisers and sponsors, who want to engage those very same consumers.

It is the mission of Brightbox to help businesses convert the problem of the “Power Gap” (the divide between demand for and supply of on-the-go smartphone power) into revenue-bearing solutions which keep consumers charged & connected

To casino companies we sing:

You’ve got to know how to hold ‘em,

Don’t let them fold ‘em,

Until the dealin’s done.

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