Stadiums, casinos and amusement parks are committed to creating amazing experiences that their guests are willing to pay for that they can’t get anywhere else. Operating these businesses requires a strong balance between investing in new technologies & increasingly interactive experiences while generating revenue with many touchpoints throughout the customer journey: Rewarding VIP customers, keep wayfinding apps powered so guests never miss out on the latest attractions, delivering new services to compliment increased ticket prices with a valued amenity, or creating a revenue generating opportunity for sponsors & advertisers….there are an array of high tech solutions available, but none connect with users so intimately as when faced with the possibility of a dead battery.

Increasingly, secure charging solutions are seen as the new Wi-Fi offering for today’s connected guests and a solution for the intense user anxiety or lessened customer experience that a dead phone creates. An overwhelming 85% have a smartphone of the thousands of people attending an event or attraction and they use these devices to enhance the experience or capture the moment with tweets, instagram posts and videos. The more amazing the experience with increased dependencies on mobile interactions, the more necessary it becomes for business to keep guests powered, connected and still able to immerse themselves in the experience (no wall huggers here).


Supports new mobile device experiences by keeping phones powered
Enables on-going mobile connections between users, venues and brands
Enhances overall customer experience and loyalty, driving repeat visits
Provides unique vehicle for consumer engagement and branded product offer delivery
Drives direct and indirect revenue, acquires qualified leads and measures audience
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Brightbox is IMG College’s preferred vendor for secure charging stations. In 2016 we deployed Brightbox charging stations at 15 college stadiums and arenas, and expect to bring the Brightbox opportunity to more IMG schools in the future.  The Brightbox platform is impressive and delivers many benefits to venues and attendees while its first-class service and support capabilities have been of great value.  The secure charging station is a unique amenity that places corporate brands, such as Frontier Communications, at the fingertips of fans while providing a much needed service on game day.


SVP Sales Strategy, IMG College

Brightbox has been instrumental in providing a 25,000 seat Arena with the one thing people cannot seem to be without – a fully charged mobile device. Not only has Brightbox made these units secure, aesthetically pleasing and aligned with our marketing strategy, but we have not yet had one issue with security or maintenance. Any questions we did have were answered in minutes. Our fans can take unlimited selfies, videos and live-action shots without worry that they will run out of power. You guys are phenomenal and we look forward to working with you again and again.


New York Red Bulls