On college campuses throughout the country, students struggle daily with the issue of dealing with the dying battery of their cell phone. High mobile device use, mixed with the need to transition between classes, student activities, study sessions, and campus events make this a problem that almost every student has dealt with. Not only does a dead battery limit a student’s productivity and social connectivity, it many times is a campus safety concern. Students aren’t the only ones on campus that experience these issues. Often, faculty and university visitors find themselves facing this same dilemma.

Brightbox secure charging stations solve this need and are perfect for libraries, student centers, lounges and sports arenas. Our unique combination safe, secure and interactive charging can also be used to create branding opportunities for the athletic teams or brands to support the underlying business model while improving student experience.


Solves a huge need and improves the student experience
Integrate with existing student ID programs for charging access *
Enables continuous connections between peers, family and teacher for increased peace of mind and security
Engages high value-demographic: young, technology-forward mobile device users, at an early stage of brand loyalty
Provides unique vehicle for in-venue and branded product coupons and offers
Minimizes hassle for facilities staff, permitting focus on existing infrastructure services (health & safety, information technology, vending services, etc.)
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By having units on campus, we’re improving the student experience. Cellphones are important to our students and we get it. The most important things to know about Brightbox are security and price point. At first we were frightened by the prospect of students leaving their cellphones in a chamber. Once we understood their credit cards served as their key, our fears were alleviated. In the end, the goal was for students to be able to securely charge their cellphones while in class, at the library, lab or gym


Director of Campus Auxiliary Services & Sustainability, La Guardia Community College