Brightbox’s Secure Mobile Power For Stadium Sports Fans

Power On for Game Day Video:

At Brightbox, Inc., the planet’s most trusted smartphone recharging kiosk and platform provider, Sports Entertainment & Events is an active & dynamic market segment because there is really strong consumer and fan demand for convenient and secure out-of-home smartphone recharging Power at Games, Sports facilities and Sports Events.

This week Brightbox is powering up Sports Events pros at the TEAMS Conference 2016. Across the Expo floor and @ Booth 304, participants will be enjoying the seamless experience of using the Brightbox’s smartphone power solution. Our intelligent kiosks are connected to a robust remote management and content delivery platform, via which we deliver seamless user and brand experiences.

Come find out more about why leading brands like American Airlines, the Coca-Cola Company, Frontier Communications, IMG College and many other great brands, trustBrightbox to deploy complimentary, branded recharging solutions, in professional sports, collegiate and action sports venues across America and the globe.

Fans in stadiums & arenas are thirsty consumers of mobile device apps, data and interactions, and therefore Connectivity & Mobile Power. As we all know, Sports fan experiences commence in the days and weeks before the actual Sports Events via interactive communications & vibrant communities, and facilitated by platforms and content providers. These experiences gain momentum and eventually reach a crescendo during the Events. Reliable Connectivity (Wifi or Wireless) critically enables continuity of experience before, during, and after.

But mere Connectivity is not enough: at the Sports Event, the fans must already possess, or have access to, an adequate supply of Mobile Power. Without Power, Connectivity is meaningless. Without both Connectivity & Power, there is potential loss of connection, and interruption of dialogue and experience, enabled and shared via mobile devices. If the virtuous circle of mobile interactions fails, because of virtual failures in Connectivity and Power, no sentiments can be shared and no personal or consumer-brand interactions can occur via growing and deepening Digital channels.

Sporting events are leveraged opportunities for brands to connect with fans, as mobile devices act as communications nodes, means of experience documentation and enhancement (second screens), enablers of interactive apps, and more.

Easy conclusion: Provision of a Physical charging amenity can elevate and enhance the Sports Event experience. Naturally brands and venues have a wide choice, in terms of quality and sophistication, of the type of charging amenity to provide. Brightbox provides a dimensional and high-quality solution, which liberates the user from fear, allows continued viewing of the Event, and enables rich brand interactions, deepening the user experience, and engendering great consumer loyalty. We delight our users, who in turn love us and the brands who enable deployment of our Power recharging product and platform.

Our mission is to enable people to Live Life Charged & Connected! We combine a Trifecta of cutting-edge technology, highly responsive service, and brand enhancement, via a content, data and service platform that is open to venues, partners and brands. Our 750 stations are connected to an intelligent platform in 10 countries, 26 American States and 4 Canadian Provinces.

We invite you to come investigate the planet’s most trusted and advanced mobile device recharging platform.

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