Brightbox’s DOOH Recharging Kiosk Engages Users at The NRA 2017 Show

At the invitation of the Intel Corporation, Brightbox is featuring its smartphone recharging DOOH kiosk in the Chicago Bar Shop booth at the National Restaurant Association 2017 Show in Chicago from May 20th to 23rd.

Interactive digital screens are proliferating in the Restaurant & Bar vertical, amongst continued strong growth in the great Digital Out Of Home sector. But Brightbox is not just another digital sign spewing content.

What is the Brightbox difference?  It is a Digital Screen with real utility for consumers. It is a must-have 21st century drinking fountain for power-thirsty mobile users. It is a potent engagement vehicle for brands to directly deliver impressions to eaters, drinkers, revelers and shoppers. Brightbox now offers a “32 HD LED second digital screen with its secure recharging kiosk.

Brightbox offers a unique vehicle for consumer engagement. During and after intimate interactions with a secure smartphone charging amenity, users squarely focus on brand messaging. We can message directly to users after recharging, sending them SMS messages or emails with product offers, website redirects, coupons, or links to app downloads.

We use our BrightEyeQ audience measurement software to gauge the depth of consumers impressions, and to collect anonymized demographics. We provide increasingly valuable ROI metrics for venues and brands so they can understand impact and justify expansion of their DOOH spend.



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