At Mexico City’s Benito Juarez Airport MEX  Terminals 1 and 2, grateful travelers are using the Brightbox dual screen Digital Billboard kiosk, a solution which offers a Value Trifecta to users brands: secure smartphone recharging, advertising and marketing.

The first leg of the Brightbox trifecta is Secure Recharging. It is a critical consumer amenity. Running low on smartphone power engenders personal anxiety and results in immediate loss of personal power. Consumers love the brands like Samsung that come to their rescue with opportunities to securely power up their smartphones.

The second leg of the Brightbox trifecta is Advertising. Brand advertising is effective on a Brightbox because consumers value the satisfying experience of secure recharging, and devote sharp focus to the experience. This results in deep media impressions of our digital ad content during the recharging experience.

The third leg of the trifecta is Marketing. We open our platform to brands so they can run interactive marketing campaigns, to additionally leverage the provision of complimentary charging. We can gather on-screen survey data, we can gather opt-in CRM data (email and SMS addresses), and we can then message directly with consumers, sending them product offers, coupons, and website download links.

The Digital Billboard charging stations have two video screens, one small and one large: a large “32 Full HD LED Advertising Display which delivers digital content (video and static); and a smaller TFT Touchscreen Interactivity Monitor which consumers access in order to use the charging amenity. Both screens are customizable.

Brightbox offers a bi-lingual, dual screen digital signage solution with true utility to consumers. In a world where there are more and more screens, and less and less consumer focus, our digital screens are highly effective vehicles for brand advertising and marketing.

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