Brightbox Secure, Masked Pin Code As Key For Smartphone Charging Lockers

Brightbox Inc. offers a doubly secure “pin code” (Brightbox Pin Code Video) as personal chamber key for its cell phone charging lockers. We continue to provide the most flexible secure recharging solution on the market by offering 4 key choices to best fit the business needs of our clients: on-screen pin code, mag-stripe card, RFID and barcode, all of which are highly secure and supported by our robust & connected mobile device charging platform solution.

Brightbox Inc. is the leading B2B kiosk technology company in the global charging marketplace. We constantly improve and expand upon our platform solution for secure customer recharging experiences and elevated consumer engagement in public places.

From listening to our customers we heard that certain brands, clients and users prefer user-generated pin-codes as secure chamber keys, while many prefer our other three highly-secure alternatives. We researched the marketplace, tested a superior design, and then rigorously field-proved a key solution which delivers:

  • Unrivaled pin code security
  • Via a connected, highly-intelligent platform
  • Supported by highly responsive remote service

Many phone charging providers only offer a “pin code as secure locker key” because of platform limitations. They use physical or electronic pin code hardware, or require a pin code to be entered on-screen and managed via software. The physical codes can be as few as 4 digits like basic gym lockers. Software-supported pin codes are more often 8 to 12 digits, possibly in the format of a phone or SMS number (10 digits in the United States and Canada). Purely app-based software pin code methods require connectivity and introduce unique security challenges.

Consistent with Brightbox’s mission to deliver highly convenient, safe and secure charging solutions, we designed our pin code key offering to avoid security and support issues, and to deliver a seamless user experience. We thought deeply about:

  • It is possible to spy on users when they enter a simple 4 digit pin code into a physical or electronic lock. This is called “shoulder surfing”. If the code is composed of 8 to 12 digits, and needs to be entered twice, security and support are greatly enhanced. If two separate pin codes are required, and if those pin codes are “masked” (i.e. not directly displayed on-screen), security is enhanced to a requisite high standard. Any use of on-screen visible “avatars” as pin codes can be a significant security risk.
  • Cutting-edge, connected & intelligent platform solutions like Brightbox’s track and log user activity in real-time, provide 24/7/365 remote support (for when users “forget” pin codes) and deliver excellent, immediate service and trouble-shooting. Unconnected, non-platform solutions do not provide support for users, and can result in negative brand, venue and user impressions.

Our pin code is doubly secure and masked (not directly visible). The user first enters on-screen a 10 digit pin code (like a SMS number), followed by double entry of a second 5 digit code (a personal code). Our remote service support and fleet management platform, which is third-party penetration-test proven, takes care of the rest. If any user memory or pin code entry issues arise, our 24/7 support staff are available to remotely facilitate phone retrieval, once a user is properly authenticated.

With our doubly secure pin code offering Brightbox once again provides a best-in-class secure charging amenity, supported by reliable, consistent and “always on” customer service. That’s why our users, brands and venues trust and love us, preferring to Live Life Charged & Connected!

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