Brightbox Recharging Billboard is a Trifecta for Retailers

Brightbox’s new Digital Billboard product delivers to retailers a trifecta of consumer interactions, secure recharging and deep advertising impressions. It is more than a naked Recharging Station, more than just another Digital Sign, and much more than an Interactive Kiosk. A Brightbox is a 3-in-1 solution: an intimate vehicle for direct consumer interactions, a critical modern utility, and a potent driver of deep advertising impressions.

The challenge for retailers today is to create compelling and memorable experiences for shoppers, experiences that can compete with and surpass the benefits of shopping online. At the 2018 National Retail Federation show in New York, January 14-17, professionals from across the world are now gathering to share ideas about how to enliven the world of retail bricks and mortar. They will be looking for new technologies – like the Brightbox Recharging Billboard – to improve customer and shopper experience.

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