Brightbox is IMG College’s preferred vendor for secure charging stations. In 2016 we deployed Brightbox charging stations at 15 college stadiums and arenas, and expect to bring the Brightbox opportunity to more IMG schools in the future.  The Brightbox platform is impressive and delivers many benefits to venues and attendees while its first-class service and support capabilities have been of great value.  The secure charging station is a unique amenity that places corporate brands, such as Frontier Communications, at the fingertips of fans while providing a much needed service on game day.


SVP Sales Strategy, IMG College


Our guests enjoy the resort and casino on a 24/7 basis. We recently added Brightbox secure mobile device charging stations to our suite of customer amenities,” says Matthew Resnick, Director of Guest Relations at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino. “Brightbox’s new Mark3 product is the most sophisticated charging solution available. We chose it because it is user-friendly, elegant, agency certified and PCI compliant, a combination which delights and protects our guests, and which promotes our brand.


Director of Guest Relations, Mandalay Bay


Brightbox has been instrumental in providing a 25,000 seat Arena with the one thing people cannot seem to be without – a fully charged mobile device. Not only has Brightbox made these units secure, aesthetically pleasing and aligned with our marketing strategy, but we have not yet had one issue with security or maintenance. Any questions we did have were answered in minutes. Our fans can take unlimited selfies, videos and live-action shots without worry that they will run out of power. You guys are phenomenal and we look forward to working with you again and again.


New York Red Bulls


Brightbox was a welcomed solution to our repeated guest requests to borrow a cell phone charging cord. We are very pleased with the product and we have received numerous guest compliments on how easy it is to use. Guests have also commented how nice it is for Orlando Health to offer such a wonderful complimentary amenity. The charging station looks beautiful in our lobbies and guests are always stopping by to look at it.


Customer Relations Manager, Arnold Palmer Medical Center


Patients, families and friends presenting to the emergency department often come unprepared with respect to charging devices for their phones. In the past we often experienced complaints from patients and visitors as we did not have anything to offer in this area. Before Brightbox we had a collection of different chargers however they were constantly going missing. Staff were not happy having to spend time looking for charging devices when asked for by patients. Brightbox is very secure, compact and easy to clean. We have had no issues with the product. I would absolutely recommend Brightbox to another similar ones.


Director, Emergency Services, Yale New Haven Health


Patients and visitors have commented on surveys and social media about their positive experience using this technology. Brightboxes have been installed in a number of Baystate Health systems.  A year ago, our Patient & Family Advisory Councils, social workers and engineering staff voiced concern that patients and families were unable to communicate when their phones lost power; purchasing, lending and installing charging cords was unsustainable. One year later, we are pleased to see that over 6000 people have used these machines 11,180 times to restore their mobile devices.


VP, Marketing and Public Affairs, Baystate Health


I was researching how we could have a safer way of charging cell phones because of the frequency of how much we get asked, and Brightbox was the best looking piece that I saw out there. Brightbox has really helped us out with keeping people here longer. They don’t have that anxiety level of not being able to get in touch with their friends, take pictures, Facebook, whatever the case may be. It helps us with our business to keep people here.


Director of Operations, Dream Hotel Downtown (Hospitality)


When our customers’ phones die it can ruin their experience in our establishments. Brightbox helps solve that problem by allowing our customers to securely recharge their phones so that they can continue to enjoy our businesses. Brightbox was the perfect fit with their physically secure, fully PCI compliant, and easy-to-use recharging stations. And, they offer 24/7 support!


CEO, Merchants Hospitality


Brightbox’s charging stations provide a flexible solution that can be portable or mounted in various locations. We have the portable solution to shift around in the San Francisco Marriott Marquis’s meeting space based on demand and foot traffic.


Director of Sales and Marketing, San Francisco Marriott Marquis


Brightbox’s next generation charging solution complements my business model. I pride myself on customer service and Brightbox adds another level to what I offer. My staff loves Brightbox since they no longer have to keep an eye on patrons’ phones behind the bar. As a company I am very impressed by Brightbox. They are knowledgeable, have a great product and are very easy to do business with. They aim to please.


Owner, Best Bars New York


Interacting with Brightbox the company is probably one of the main reasons why I use them opposed to another vehicle for charging phones, because they offer 24/7 remote support who is always there for you.


GM of Libation Nightclub


By having units on campus, we’re improving the student experience. Cellphones are important to our students and we get it. The most important things to know about Brightbox are security and price point. At first we were frightened by the prospect of students leaving their cellphones in a chamber. Once we understood their credit cards served as their key, our fears were alleviated. In the end, the goal was for students to be able to securely charge their cellphones while in class, at the library, lab or gym


Director of Campus Auxiliary Services & Sustainability, La Guardia Community College

HEALTHCARE:  Orlando Health a very busy multi-facility hospital system. Family and visitors come unexpectedly to our facilities at all times of the day and night, many, so when a smart phone runs out of battery life while sitting in a waiting room, it is very stressful. Our provision of this critical amenity reduces the anxiety of our visitors… Guests love Brightbox and truly appreciate the availability of the charging stations throughout our system… Brightbox is adaptable to any area we want to put it in, it is tamper proof, and easy to install and setup, with low maintenance. We would recommend Brightbox in a heartbeat. They are professional and fun to work with. They do what they say they will do.


Senior Sourcing Specialist,  Orlando Health