7 Attributes of a Great Smartphone Recharging Platform for Live Events

Live Events are being revolutionized by mobile devices, badges, credentialing, content and information delivery systems and associated networks, making human interaction more efficient and exciting.

We now appreciate that extraordinary event experiences simply must have excellent connectivity and secure mobile power. Why?  Because we accept the fact of a spatial and temporal “Power Gap” for mobile devices where battery life is a limited and critical resource.

Live Event organizers now must provide appropriate connective fuel: connectivity and power. Otherwise, how can fans initiate, prolong and forge fan-fan or fan-brand bonds?

Brightbox has previously written about the opportunities presented to brands and venues by providing immediate and delightful solutions to the “Power Gap”. In this note we highlight the opportunity to exchange: a critical and prized consumer amenity, namely on-demand, secure and safe recharging, in return for a connection and dialogue opportunity.

Providing a mobile power amenity can be more than a shelf of dangling cords, or a metal locker with screens and third-apps bolted on top.  It is an opportunity to make memorable & highly leverageable connections.

Which mobile device charging platform should today’s Live Event organizer choose?  Secure, open, versatile, dimensional and integrated?  Stand-alone, simple, low-tech but still effective at charging?

The Brightbox mobile device secure charging platform is open to partners.  We integrate with other event technologies.  We deliver a Trifecta of value to fans and brands:  highly secure and safe recharging;  content and brand message delivery;  and interactivity (data exchange, lead acquisition, app connection, initiation of brand-fan dialogue, registration and integration with other systems).  As a leading B2B kiosk technology solutions company, we have done this now for years.

What are 7 key attributes of a recharging platform, one capable of delivering great, differentiated event experiences?

  1. Proven:  has the solution been field-proven over many years, with a variety of clients?  is it ready now or is new, untested and possibly risky?  is there data to back up the case studies and support the client references?
  2. Integrated:  was the solution initially and intentionally designed to be a dimensional and robust solution? were the core elements of the Trifecta (secure charging, content, interactivity) added piece-meal over time as client needs changed?  in other words, is it an integrated or bolted-together solution?
  3. Open:  is the offering a true platform solution for Event operators, with open access to portals for fleet management, remote support, content management and data reporting?  is the platform completely under the control of the technology provider?  is it secure and has it been penetration-tested?
  4. Versatile:  can the offering be deployed in different form factors, customized and built into different live event spaces?  is there a choice of secure locker key (pin code, RFID, mag stripe card and bar code scanner) which can work with different integrated Event attendee management systems?
  5. Responsive:  smartphones are more valuable than wallets: fans freak when they are unable to get their devices back.  is the platform supported by effective, live, remote service capabilities?  what happens when things do not go as expected?  how many layers of support and verification?
  6. Trustworthy:  security is physical and digital; trust is earned over time through consistency and excellence;  is there an ecosystem of operators deploying the solution because they know from experience that it really works?  are leading brands continuing their uptake of the solution, or did they just do it once and then switch?
  7. Valuable:  the solution could be nominally expensive or inexpensive, but more to the point: is it good value for money?  can it be tweaked to the live circumstances?  is there room to upsell the solution to a partner or brand, allowing them to capture value?  do users love and value it?

Recharging solutions now come in different shapes and sizes.  What is most appropriate solution for your Live Event?  At what price?  And with what lasting effect?  This is totally worth getting right.

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